Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Uishh, lame gile tinggal blog, dah berhabuk tak nampak dashboard hehe :D kesian kat kamuu kan ayangg hehe, sorry deh ;)

Dear blog, Im stressed, Im scared. What should I do ? Yes, Im getting nervous. My boyfriend dah nak dtg in a few days, not weeks. Dear, mcm mane nk buat ? Chemy and Bio tak boleh nk score lagi, mcm mane nihhh ? Even Physic and Addmath pun tak bleh nk sure but they always keep me in spirit. Nak nak Physic, thanks to Kak Sya :) Bio ? Langsung tak boleh ! Chemy ? I tried my best tp asal Chemy selalu tak baik dgn saye mcm Physic ? Addmath, hehe thnks to my hubby, Iema and my best partner-ever yang suke gadoh, Zepi hehe :D Korang mmg best sangat sangat :) 

Mama Papa, anak mu sungguh berdebar, facing those things in few days, even mama selalu cakap 'sembahyang, mintak pda tuhan moga moga boleh jawab baik, minum air sembahyang hajat'. Mama, you always know what's the best for me, and thank you, It really helps, but Ma, why should I do ? Im so afraid of not getting straight A's for you, I could see the faith in your eyes on me. Ma, trust me, Im doing my best, trust me :)

Kakak, kakak laa yang terbaek skali, tak push adik, always support me, always nasihat adik jangan push diri sndri, jangan push kalu tak boleh, just doing your best. Your word 'just do your best, tak kire rersult mcm mane pun, just do your best as you can, and there's always oppurtunity for you, just believe in yourself.'. Kakak, thanks, you are the best, you always make me crazy and heyy, can't wait to make fun of you hehe :D

Dear God, please help me get through all of these things, please, with my respect and as a human being, Im just hoping praying that things will getting better, help me, I want my family feel so proud of me, proud of my achievement. Give me the strength to face upcoming SPM exam :)