Saturday, April 16, 2011


okayy, sini aku nk promote laa siket campaign yg sedang berleluase, i mean tak laa berleluase seluruh dunie, but something that you have to know, you wanno know, or you might know, haha ;D

1. Malaysia has been infected. See what this mystery symbol is all about

Over 1 million people have been infected. The answer to the top secret mysterious symbol is finally revealed. Join the KOLONY and find out why this phenomenon is spreading across Malaysia. You might just get infected too!

2. We're gonna party like it's your birthday!

To celebrate 3 years of growing the community, is giving gifts to Malaysians across the social media! Macbook Air, Samsung Plasma TV, iPhone 4, Canon SLR, iPad 2, Lomokit, trip to South Korea, IKEA room makeover, front row tickets to Justin Bieber's concert, shopping sprees to TopShop, Forever21, MNG etc... you have to see the full list. Good things are meant to be shared. Happy 3rd Birthday, everyone!

3. UPLOADED: First batch of Drum & Dance photos are out! See if your drummer or dancer friends are in.

If rhythm is your thing, then you will be excited to know that School Of X All-Stars Drum & Dance is back. The battle has begun and is coming your way to KL 2 & 3 April, Penang 16 & 17 April , Miri 23 & 24 April and Johor Bahru 30 April & 1 May. Don't let the battle pass you by.

4. Do you know Reza Salleh? You should hear his new album here...

Some people said Reza Salleh is one of the best indie singer songwriters in Malaysia after Yuna. Guess what, he just released a full debut album. Want to hear it for yourself? Stream and download his new single Stracciatella for free!


- So if anyone who's actually interested with this, just let me know, and I can invite you ;) And oh yeah, you don't believe it, I just got rewards rm3.00 in 2 days, this's much much better than NUFFNANG, I guess ;) 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ya Allah, bahagia sngguh hidup orang lain, bhagia di samping kwan dan org tercinta :) anok omar & anok mustapha, anok yahya mntok maaf bnyok bnyok sbb lately ni mmg saye moody kan, saye kurang sngt bercakap, saye kurang bergalok, saye mntak ampun sngt, kerana bukan niatku ingin berreact sebegitu rupa, namun apakah daya anok yahya ini ? saye dalam kesakitan hidup, sakit meniti dalam hari hari, sakit dalam mngukir snyuman, sakit kerana tiade tempat utk diluahkan, sakit kerana terlalu perit di hati, sakit kerana terlalu bnyak sakit sakitnye, haha :D 

Kawan, sungguh peritnye ade sebuah persahabatan dgn sebegini rupa, maafkan aku kerana terlalu susah utk berasa gembira kerana kekadang aku terfikir mcm mane kamu kamu semua yg dipanggil sahabat oleh hatiku ini blh mnghiraukan aku apabila sudah bertemu / berbaik dgn org yg kamu inginkn selama ini. Kawan, kenapakah kamu semua bertindak sebegitu ? Apabila susah, apabila tiada tempat utk mngadu, aku lah yang mnghulurkan tangan & telinga utk mndangar semua luahan mu itu ? Agar kawan kawan aku ini terasa sngguh lega selepas meluahkan ape yang terpendam dalam hati :) Namun begitu, aku laa orang yang akan dihiraukan apabila kawan kwan aku ini senang, wahhh ! bahagianya kawan kawan aku ini, senyuman di setiap muka kwan kwan aku laa yang aku nantikan selama ini, begitu cantik sekali, begitu hensem skali, awww ;) 

Namun di setiap kegembiraan kawan kwanku ini, aku juga yg menangis sendiri, menangis di dalam hati kerana begitu mudah kepalamu itu melupakan aku, kawan, maafkan aku, maafkan setiap perkataan aku di entry ini, bukan niatku utk menimbulkan masalah / pergaduhan antara kita semua namun aku harus meluahkan di sini kerana begitu lame aku memendamnye shinggakan aku terasa sudah tidak ade senyuman dalam hatiku ini, aduhaiii ! begitu keras hatiku ini kerana terlalu mendiamkan diri kerana memikirkan perasaan orang lain, kerana ingin mngekalkan sebuah persahabatan yang aku sayang ;) 

Kawan, aku terlalu sayangkan kamu semua, namun sekarang aku terpaksa mnjauhkan diri kerana aku tidak mahu melukakan hati kawan kawan yang aku sayang termasuk dgn hati aku sendiri, aku tidak tahu samaade kawan kwan memahami atau tidak, tapi aku memohon kepada kawan kwan, tolong tolong tolong aku tidak mahu ade sebarang persengketaan antara kite, so sekiranya kawan kawan ade terasa dgn entry ini, jangan tanye kepadaku 'adakah entry itu utk aku ?' 'kenapakah kamu begini ?' 'apa yang terjadi ?' aku memohon beribu ribu kemaafan kerana aku tidak bisa mnjawabnya :'( aku ingin biarkan sahaja kerna aku tahu sesungguhnya Allah akn lapangkan dadaku ini dan lapangkan fikiranku drpd berfikiran negatif :) 

- Yunie, Yie, Wan, seandainya ade jodoh antara kite semue aku berharap persahabatn yang dijalinkan pada tahun lepas dengan penuh kegembiraan akn berulang kembali pada tahun ini, aku tahu kamu semua akn terasa, yang amat terasa or pelek or mybe akn mngutukku, tetapi ingtlah, seandainya nyawa aku ini tidak panjang, maafkan segala kesalahanku dr hujung rmbut ke hujung kaki, ingtlah bahawa kasih sayangku kepada kamu semua tidak pernah pudar :) halalkanlah entry ini, ku memohon agar entry ini or diriku ini tidak akn mnjadi topik perbualan mu selepas kamu semua membacanye, anggaplah ia hanyalah satu coretan ikhlas yg diluahkan oleh hatiku ini, aku memohon beribu ampun and aku ampunkan segala dosa dosamu kepada insan yang menaip ini :') aku sayang kamu semua dengan tulus & ikhlas :')

* entry ini sebenarnya bukan utk kamu bertiga tetapi kepada insan yang bergelar SAHABAT oleh diriku ini :) seikhlas hati aku berkata entry ini sememangnye bukan dituju kepada kamu, tetapi sahabat :) harap tiada sebarang salah faham :)

*Please be like this, like the pasts, aimisus so much :'(

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


- I need someone, who can hear my problems, my nonsense :(

Sunday, April 3, 2011


why why ? can't be described by words laa.
tears wanna come out but it's stucked.


Even though we fight a lot, I love you.
We fight, I think, because the stakes are high.
I sometimes get so mad I cannot stand you,
But underneath my anger I could cry.
I have an uncontrolled need to control you,
To be your only destiny and guide.
I know it isn't fair to try to mold you,
But my poor love's entangled in my pride.
Ah, love! Please love me even in my fury,
Which rises like a tide beneath the moon.
I plead before my only judge and jury:
I want to change, but know change won't come soon.
Love finds it hard to let the loved one be
The person who is loved so passionately.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Quotes Of Day

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone."
What Happened To Us ?

What happen to us?
We use to be cool
And now we don’t even hang out around school

Where did the old days go?
Where we use to laugh and talk, joke around
Now were never near each other on the ground

I feel like we fought over stupid stuff
And even though times get rough
We are suppose to be tough

Don’t you feel like we created a wall?
In between us when we walk down the hall
I believe that it’s not right
That we got in a fight

Worst of all we got in a fight over a boy
Who was like a used up toy
Why can’t we understand that he broke our hearts
And then, one by one, tore us apart
And now he’s buttering me up
Saying that he loves me but do you think I am tough
Enough to say no
To the little boy who is a ho*

Now let me ask you a question
And maybe people have new suggestions
To what happen to us?

- Guys, we used to be so close, laughing, joking, others, but what the hell is wrong with us huh ? -___-' Its too weird you know, we seem like we don't even care about each other when the truth is we do love each other like hell, we do said that we love you you you but why in the end, we're the one who fuck each other ? guys, we did mistakes, no one can run from it, so why don't just forget it ? I do miss our memories, yes, the past never come back, but the future is the only way to keep our friendship become stronger day by day :) 
 guys, I do love you so much, please be like we used to be ;'(