Friday, January 21, 2011


As you read my last last post is about I change my skinny jeans into boyfriend jeans aite ? And now, in this time, I'll show you how to wear that jeans :)

You have to pair a boyfriend jeans with fitting tops or tee to look feminine. You also can wear it with a long-sleeved top and tight shirt that make you look so up-to-date with the latest trend. 

Besides you can choose  a masculine style, then you can wear button-down shirts.  And if you want add your femininity, you should emphasize your waist with belt. And the style that I love when seeing people wear this jeans is when they wear a simple tank top with a vest/ blazer :) The combo will look simple, yet super chic :)

But You have to remember that the jeans must be loose on the hips, and because of that, you guys should accesorize your jeans with a classic vintage belt ;) 

About the shoes, you don't have to think about it, because everything will suit with it, but It MUST suit with your overall image :) If you want comforts, you can pair it with your ballet flats, or your gladiator or even your cute flip flops :) If you want to look like Kim Kardashians, then you should pair it with a high heels ;) HEEEEE :D

Then, that's all for boyfriend jeans style, and you can be like one of your fav fav celebrity ;) Even a girl with a big size can try this style, this pants suit with every single types of body :)