Friday, January 21, 2011


Pa, you're the best today, you cheer me up, HAHA :)) I have a great time with you, even just one day ;) Pa, thank you because you treat me this little bear, I want It so much and yes, you give me the money, 50 bucks, haha, okayy, enough for that bear only, haha :p And I give that bear a name, Kirby, and I don't even know what's the meaning, heeee :D Pa, I still remember your words about Acer ;) Pa, give me that A.S.A.P HAHA :D I need It like hell, haha :D Remember okayy, next week Pa <3 ;)

* From my Papa, Kirby ;)

Ma, thank you for being a super duper great mother, You're too precious for me, I lovee you till the end, Ma, today is your shopping day aite ? You got evrything You want, You ask for it and Pa give it to youu, grrr, envy tau dokkkk Ma ? HAHA :)) But Its okayy, I just don't feel like I want buy anything I want, and I don't know why :D *Im a good daughter too sometimes, haha :D And Ma, don't forget that I treat You a lipstick, Pa and I combine the voucher and the money Ma, haha :D You look so happy today mybe because we have a great time aite ? 

*Ma, we can share aite ? HEEEE :D

Sis, you you you ! I still remember that a long time ago, Im so jealous with You, I hate you sometimes because You can get anything from Ma and Pa, haha :)) But now, you're just like my buddy, You're there for me, You're cheer up my day when You're going home, I can't wait for you to get back :D And yess, You're not stingy girl ;) You always spend your money for me even a little bit, and now You work, haha :D *lagi laa bnyak money for me aite ? HAHA :)) And You 'll give me something that I love, CAN'T WAIT FOR IT ! HEEEEEEEE :D I lovee You sis, and Aimisu ;'[ Cepat cepat laa balik yeee, nk ajak pergi butik niii, heeee :D 

*ngeeeeeeeee :D