Friday, January 28, 2011


Girl, I do love you and I love you so much, but sometimes your attitude OMG, you don't care about others, You just care about you, only you and your feeling, Don't you ever think about your friend's feeling ? Yesss, we've beem backstabbing by each other then we cool back, then something happen, then you start making your face :/ I don't care about you making your face or what, because I know you, and I can't blame you, but the thing that make me pissed off is you just making your face with me. Why mee ? I mean I'm your friend, and I don't know what is your problem, but sometimes you should think about what are you doing ? Okayy, mybe I've been doing something wrong to you, but honest jee laa weh, Jgn tunjuk muke, boleh dokk ? Sedehhh laa ;'[ Dalam bnyok kwan kwan mu, aku sorang jee yg kene gtu, aku sorang je yg mu nk jeling jeling, pleaseeee, think about others too, thank you. 

*Im really pissed off aite now, so I'm sorry  kalu terase, sbb Im just being honest in my blog