Sunday, January 23, 2011


Girl, I don't know what happen ;[ I'm sorry If I've done something that hurt you ;'[ And hope everything will be okayyy, taknak gadoh gadoh, It just break us down ;[

You, thank you cause finally you say 'hye Azza', truth to be told Im happy about It, I miss you, seriously, And we just can't get pretty closer aite after you move back to SS ? I don't know why, You seems like 'sombong' and I was like, okayy, takot nk tego mu sbb mu mcm lain dgn aku, sorry about that ;[ But Eh, I think we can be like before again ? With Lala, Kay, haha :)) Four of us got so much thing to gossip, hang out, rinduu nyee kat mu sume ;'[ Thank you again for saying that word at school ;]

- especially for girl who just move back from MRSM ;]