Tuesday, January 25, 2011


You want know how to work with this high waist skirt, let me tell you a simple three tips to get a fabulous style ;] Tips from Lindsey Schickner- Seventeen Mag ;]

1. You can dress this skirt style down with a simple V-neck or tank top if you don't want pair it with button down or dressy- shirts. You want to flatter your figure but don't want to appear overdressed. And you're ready for your great date ;]

2. I love heels, and because of that, you must have at least one pair of it to work best with high-waist skirts. Heels add length to your legs while creating a slimming silhouette.

3. Try tights and ankle boots with a high-waist skirt for girl who love an edgy look.

And I got one more D.I.Y high waist skirt for those who doesn't have any one of this skirt ;] You can try now ;]

  1. You must borrow your '80s mother' skirts or you can style your own long long skirt to get a fresh shape ;]
  2. You must belt the skirt at your natural waist and take hold of the bottom of one side of the front of the skirt, and twist the fabric up and under the same side of the front of your belt.
  3. Then, wrap the end of the twisted fabric flatly around the belt once to secure it, then use a pin to close the bottom of the skirt at your knee.
And, That's It, You're done girl ;)

*Note ; If you like, you can also pin around the other side and back of the skirt to keep the shape more bubbly than sari-like ;]