Saturday, February 12, 2011


B, I don't knw wht the hell is wrong wth me lately ? ;( Our anniversary dh nak dekat, but my mind keeps thnking abt ngtve thngs ;( B, Im so worried abt our rltionship, Im so scared if our rltionship will broken like others, I dnt want tht thng happen to us, Im so in love with you sayang ;( B, bby rindu b, bby rindu kenangan kite, bby rindu sngt memories time trip KL, omaigod, I miss you like hell, b, bby nk kite mcm dulu, yes, skrg pun kite still mcm dulu, tp by rase something missing btween us, Its just my feeling :( Sorry honeyy ;( Pleasee spend your time with me, I need you b ;( I really do, Im lonely lately, and I dnt knw why ;'( 

B, please hug and kiss my head like he did to his gf, I need that ;'(