Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Annivesary :)

Today is our annivesary aite ? We had a small fight last nght, alahhh, 3 mnutes bfre our day, mcm bdoh je kan ? Then saye wish kt gemok, and you wish me back, then you asked me 'kite baek ea ? :p' Bngokk laa gemok eh ! Bolehh tanye ohh, haha :D I had so much fun with you tnght syg, trust me ;') 

Hari ni pergi swimming wth my sister, mother & my nephew :D Punye laa malu nk swim lame lame kes ade org buat brthdy party kat Primula, but yet Its fun laa :D Then balik rumah :) Pergi makan Pizza Hut, to clebrate our annivesary ;') Kite makan siket je kan ? Sbb gemok rase mahal even a regular pizza, rase mahal sbb td duit kan ? :p Time ade duit, yg mhal jd murah aite ? Kepokk pale kangg ! haha :D

You gave me the present, LADY MILLION one set with the lotion :D Wowww ! Im so pleased boy :D Cant believe it, Its so like WOWWW ! OMAIGOD ;) B, thnk you fr evrythng sayang :D