Sunday, March 27, 2011


OMAIII ! boysss, you're so effing cute tau dok hah ? Alaaa, Teukkie, bakpa gitu syg ? Geram I tau, grrrr ^^___^^ And And And DongHaee, owehh, supoh mu hnsem boy laa, tak tipu, seriously, thts why I love you my baby boyy <3 Part yg paling comeyy bile dieorg semue ni nak angkat Teukkie get away dr lappy, haha :p HAHA, kurusnye kau kan Teukkie kalu dieorg boleh angkat kau dlm kdaan mcm tu jee, haha :p Aimisu laa booyssss, lame I tak jenguk you kat You-Tube ;'( Sorry, Ive been a very good student snce the first day of two zero one one :D Its not like Im studying, but I just dont want you guys effect me so much just like last year, hope you understand deh my sayangs sayangs ;'( I lovee you boys, and just wait after SPM, I will say HELL-O YOUTUBE :D

- Thanks to you my big big sister, Aisya for telling me this video, love you laa bai ;)