Sunday, December 18, 2011

I had been in that situation. The moment where you can't depends on someone else. The moment where you just making a fake smile on your face all the time. The moment where You just wanna tell them the truth. 
But You just can't. 

But now, I am not that girl. I am a happy girl. I am a girl who just live her life. I am a girl who just spending a lot of time with her loves one wisely. I am girl who don't believe the words 'BESTFRIEND'. I am girl who believe there's nothing last forever. I am girl who just depends on my family for my happiness. I am girl who everyone loves or hate. I am girl who just independent on her own. I am girl who just starting a new life. 
I am a girl. I am a friend. I am lover. I am a daughter. 
I am a human being.

 I am me.