Saturday, January 22, 2011

Colour Trends of Spring/Summer 2011


Issa, Prada & Marni used this orange to create the illusions of fabric burning on the skin, You can mix the colour with black or beige to look versatile ;]

Vibrants && Energetic ;]


This colour abounds in every runway of famous designer, This white have been in every trends like skinny pants, pencil skirt and even maxi dress in varienty of textures and style ;] You know what to wear with this white aite ? Go for It girl ;]


The colour is not the hottest colour in this Spring/ Summer, but we can't get over it. Even the designer work with this tones to make our outfit look more cheerful. We can pair this tone with a dark blue pants, and flip flops or high heels to have a great style ;]


It may looks dull and boring, but you can mix it with a great accessories and have a great combination with other tone to look goods ;]


This tone looks great even in a posibble variations, trust me ;] But you have to brave to use your sense of fashion style ;]


It's a fantastic colour of using it in clothing, It can make a team with other tones and prints, so why don't you make a step to use this colour instead of pants, you should find a different tones of blue and style in it ;]


Everyone from a fashion expert noticed that floral prints were becoming a new hot trend and so do I, I love the floral style, It looks so girly and feminine ;] You can create your own floral style by used the motif to create a belt and headscarf ;] Or you can just wear a dress with a huge flower pattern, and you're pretty babes ;]


This pattern is not famous as floral but we always see it in designer's collection, Girls, go buy something stripes like military jacket *I love It ;) and wear it with a long tank top, pair it with a skinny and high heels ;]


My fav fav style, this simple style is so cute no matter tiny dots or huge dots, they're still look fabulous with every clothes ;)