Saturday, January 22, 2011


We get depressed sometimes aite ? So do I, and because of that, I do 5 little thingy to feel much much happier ;]

  • Eat chocolate, eat something that is so YUMMMMYYYYYYY ! (I don't care about getting weight on that time, HAHA :D)
  • Text-ing my husband, my little crazy crazy boy, he can cheer me up even with one word (Is that we call LOVE LOVE LOVE ? -Maybe aite, heeee :D)
  • TUMBLR, Facebook, Blogger- Online online online :D
  • Hang-out with friends, they always behind me, they make me laugh & going crazzyyyy ;]
  • Playing games, ngeeeee :D Kinda childish aite ? But seriously games can make me so relieved, make me stop thinking about the depression ;]