Sunday, February 20, 2011


I hate lies, seriously ;[ Sorry, saye agak moody hri ni si gemokk, saye geram sbb saye tahu awok tipu saye even dh lame tht thng happen ;'[ Awokk asyik tanye saye knape knape kan ? Saye tk jawab because Im so pissed off with you, then after the prctise You asked me again, then Im telling you the truth, tht time saye rase mcm relieved sngt sbb finally I can smile, like really smile sbb bby dpat hnest dgn b ;] Then b gurau gurau dgn bby and b siap lutut lagi, HAHA :D Tht's not my expectations, terkejut sayee awok duduk asking fr my frgveness ;] Ayat b *Im not like before, yes, I know & I trust you so Don't break it boy ;]